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Maybe Lady Macbeth didn’t have the best sanity thing going, but she did have something down - an obsession with the thing that ties us together but pulls us apart when we lose it.

In this episode all bout blood:
1. Young Blood / The Coasters
2. Let It Bleed / Goat
3. Fresh Blood / The Eels
4. I Bleed / The Pixies
5. Bloodthirsty Blues / Victoria Spivey
6. Until We Bleed / Kleerup with Lykke Li
7. Sorrow, Tears and Blood / Kyp Malone, Tunde Adebimpe, Kronos Quartet and Stuart Bogie from Red Hot & Fela

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I get this really great gag reflex when the words, “It’s something I feel passionate about,” come out of my mouth. 

I need to get a lot done today, but first I be swappin out the music on my iThing cause

PANK Magazine :: 9.7 // July 2014 :: there is a hell you love by Leia Darwish


in your absence      is the screech
of swine as      the shower comes
on and in the steam that fills      this cell there is
a kind of hell      you love being born
in the red muck      a jade blooms
in only the most precise      winter light a cross-
section of the kalanchoe      reveals kalanchoe
the wild is the garden work of mourning      a woman
whose hair      has become too thick for rain

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